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Lesson 1 index

Following is the order the articles should be digested.

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Cultural tip
  3. L1-G: “is Y” ~이에요/예요
  4. L1-G: “subject marker” 은는
  5. L1-G: “X is Y’  ..은/는 ..이에요/예요
  6. L1-G: Contraction
  7. L1-G: Polite form


L1-G: X is Y

This lesson will integrate your skill from using the subject marker 은/는 and also the ending is Y이에요/예요 to make the sentence “X is Y

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L1-G: Topic/Subject marker

In this lesson we will plainly look at the usage of marker 은/는 to mark a topic or subject of the sentence. There are many functions of this marker which we will look at later on but for now, this aspect will do.

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L1-G: Contraction

This article will cover how to contractions that happens when one vowel comes successively after another vowel. Continue reading

L1-G: Polite form and honorific form

Structure:  ~ (으)세요 ;    ~아/어/여 요

Corresponding to the cultural tip of the lesson, we will study how to say in polite form and honorific form.

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L1-G: is Y

Structure:  Noun + 이에요/예요.

This article will cover the sentence structure  “is Y”

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