Support me

For those who wants to support me and support what I do in this blog, you can do so by two ways.


   This blog is being hosted by                                      However, most of the other files, like audio, big resolution pic, jmemorize files and other stuff here are hosted on my own webspace. If you wish to donate to help out, please click on the picture. You are donating straight to my hosting bill so rest assured that it won’t be misused. Thank you for your contribution.

Or if you are wanting to sign up for hosting, you could try dreamhost and refer me! Dreamhost is pretty cool hosting in that the space and bandwidth grows as your website grows. To refer me, click through here and sign up with any plans.


Support me indirectly by supporting what I support!

Support WordPress!               

  • This is not only a fantastic blogging tool but it is also very user friendly to establish you own website. You can get a free wordpress account at ..If you wish to install wordpress which is an open source application, you can get it from support D-addicts!

  • this is a place for fansubbing. So many subs for kdramas, jdramas, cdramas. Support them because its really costly to host the subbing groups and also all the subtitles. support Soompi!

  • Its a fantastic website for k-addicts and drama lover. support them by referring them when buying stuff from or donating to them. Support Jmemorize!                            

  • A free open source software under GPL licence and a project of,This software is like flash cards which help enhance your learning and remembering of any language vocab. Easy to install, compatible with other formats and easy to use! Support 4keyboard!                    

  • This site sells any language type of stickers for your keyboard to help you type better. I know they make money for what they do, but please continue to support them so that the production of korean stickers for keyboard won’t just die like that!!!

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