Hello everybody.

The reason i set up this site is to share my passion in learning languages.

Firstly, no, I am NOT a korean and DO NOT know any more korean than you do.

However, as I am learning, i would like to share it so that you can learn along too. Please link back to this site if you take anything out of this site.

Just leave a comment on the post if you want to say something, but one request is pls don’t leave empty comments like “thank you” etc. I do appreciate your gratitute (if you want to say thanks, then link me to your site/blog/etc) but then lets not flood the page with these, instead post relevant things on it. (eg, questions or contribute to the article).

Please feel free to correct me anywhere I am wrong. I’m also open to anyone who wish to contribute. (it can be for other languages).

 Happy learning.

 honjangnim 🙂




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