L2-A: Giving directions

In this article we will make use of the “directional words” in the vocabulary list, using the polite and honorific form and also the particles 에/에서 and 있다.

The picture below shows a map around the campus area. Mark is new in town and do not know the directions to the post office. He consults JinWook for direction. He is currently at the library.

Look at the map carefully and analyse how you are going to give directions to Mark.


Below are hints in english the sentences that it should show. You can take this as guidance in translating to korean.

Now, you are at the library. Walk straight. There is a school cafetaria on your right. Turn left.  Go straight. On your left there is a cinema. The cinema is beside a park. Opposite the park, there is a hospital.  Turn right. The post office is on the left side.

You can comment below with your answer for review



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