Flash card

You may have seen the links under the vocab for each lesson to download a document for flash card.

I used to make my own physical flash card and to keep track of all the words for future referencing, i manually key in one by one into Excel. Well, as you could have guess the problem, its too time consuming. So one day, i set out googling for free software for flash card after coming across the flashcardexchange.com website.

I’ve found a few, like Anki, but decided to settle with an open source program called Jmemorize licenced under GPL licence.

The reason I chose this:

  • Its open source, under sourceforge.net project
  • The developer is constantly updating the site and program for bugs fixes and new features
  • easy to get support
  • easy to use
  • compatible format. can import from different format other than .jml (jmemorize) and can export to different format. Besides, .jml is a xml type so can edit using other programs too.
  • incorporates the Leitner system (kind of like tailor to your learning curve) which makes it more effective to memorise the cards.

For more information, direct support and download this free program: www.jmemorize.org

After installing the program, for each lesson, i’ll put the link to the jmemorize file flash card. download both parts, then import into the jmemorize. You can collect them , (ie.import into one file that you want, no need one lesson one file…..) and organise it using the “category tree”. Hopefully this will help you catch on with the vocab quick.



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  3. what do you learn with your flash-cards? I am preparing a german-english flashcardset with jmemorize.

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