Fly to the sky – No limitations

Everyone cheer for the long awaited 7th album of Fly to the Sky: No limitations.

                                   Fly to the Sky - No limitations

rating: 9/10

I have been a long time fan of them, the only k-singers and also of all the singers whom i listen to each album without getting disappointed. After a successful 6th album – Transition, both Brian and Hwanhee went on with their own ways, Brian to his solo album (which was pretty nice) and Hwanhee with acting in kdrama ‘Over the Rainbow’, I was a little afraid that it would be the end. Fortunately, the arrival of 7th album reaffirms their commitment. They are my kind of music.

Overall their album was pretty good. Still have Fly to the Sky colours and quality in it . I applaued their effort to slightly deviate from their normal songs and try a different beat. A more aggressive R&B tracks 7 and 8, close to Brian’s solo album kind. Its important that a singer takes slowly its diversion because the singer profile and fans are dictated by the type of songs they sing. A more lively album compared to their 6th though I would say the 6th album’s slow songs really stood out more than this album’s.

The first track, 사랑해, is a slow ballad. The introduction of this song was fantastic, make you anticipate a good ballad song. Brian’s voice comes in with slow and romantic tones followed by Hwanhee’s deep undebatable good voice. The introduction was unique and put high expectation on that track. However, approaching the chorus it took a drastic turn to somewhat minor tunes. The track on the whole is still good but if they didn’t take that drastic turn and keep up with the beautiful tone of the intro, it would be even better.

Second track , My Angel, is also a slow ballad. If I’m not mistaken this is their release song cause there’s a MV on it (i think). This, unlike the first track was consistent throughout. A very lively, not dramatic sad track. Very Fly to the Sky although there’s a uniqueness in it, setting it apart from other FTTS tracks. I think the combination of Brian and Hwanhee has really improved because their singing are sinchronized. At the part where it transpose to a higher key after the 3rd verse really reminds me a bit of praise and worship song style.

Third track, 기억한좀, is a little more lively and R&B with the guitar as the pilot to the rhythm and also style. Good track, a little different from Fly to the Sky’s usual R&B drum style. Would say the drum sound has a little “latin dance” style to it.

Fourth track, 가질 수 없어도, is a slow ballad. Not dramatic sad, but the slow beat and relatively quiet simple background music and strongly pulled by the ochestra of violins makes it even interesting. A sudden stop of all instruments when reaching the final climax leaving it to piano really throws your heart overboard. However, nothing unexpected of the track.

Fifth track, 미워해, is a little soft, quiet, blues style music. Background singers when come to the higher pitch part is singing like Darren Haynes. Good track, no suprise.

Sixth track, 남겨진 사람, a slow ballad. Now we are talking. A very nice track a little different from other track, in terms of the tunes, something a little new. A good coordination with ochestra to pull out the ballad sound of the song. In the chorus backed with other singers singing the harmony really brings forth the desperate emotions of the song. Good.

Seventh song, Let’s Get it On, R&B song. pop, dominated by the dancing rhythm potrayed by the drum. Would say Brian would enjoy this song very much. Preceeding it is the eighth track R&B style to it, Man 2 Man, another effort of FTTS towards R&B pop.

Like they know that the fans will be jumping all around after listening to the 7th and 8th track, the 9th track slows down not too drastically but enough to let the fans breath. 3번째 날,  has a very very catchy chorus tune. Sit back and relax with this nice track and combination between Hwanhee and Brian.

The 10th track, 결혼하지마, . I actually was a little shock on the title of this track because of the first read it says “don’t get married”. A minorish kind of song, a bit like those where you hear the pianist on the grand piano and a singer just singing to its tunes. Sad, sad, dramatic song. It may lead you into depression.

The 11th song, 그래도 사랑입나다 (feat 헤리티지) is a slow ballad. It starts out with strong piano melody which reminds me of Five for fighting. It is a lively song. A very heavyly emphasized drum beating, with the help of bass guitar. The first line of the chorus reminds me of Westlife song the line “an empty street, .. an empty house”. Nice song, but nothing bombastic.

12th track, 오늘도 이쁜걸, relatively slow song. Has a very interesting drum beat which I’ve never heard of before on the verses which change to normal beat in the chorus. (they should have keep it up and not change it back to normal one, diminishing the uniqueness of the song). Alright.

And after sometime of rest, we get back on our feet to dance with 13th track, Kissing you (feat Isaac Squad of Trespass). Some cool rapping by Isaac Squad of Trespass. For me, it’s more lively and poppy compare to tracks 7 and 8.

14th track, 가벼운 사랑 (feat 현무 & TKO of Trespass), has a little same style as track 12. It starts out with simple piano transition chords, with a little remixing of rap.

To celebrate their new album, here’s two songs from their new album- No limitations


Fly to the Sky-남겨진 사람

널 위한 거라 믿고 싶었던 거야 헤어진다 해도 나는 정말 괜찮아
늘 웃음만짓는 너를 바라볼 때면 아주 잠시나마 행복할 수 있었어

미안 하다는 말은 버려지는 사람에겐 하지마
널 위한 말일 뿐야

너무나 아름다워서 너무나 소중했었던
우리 많은 날들을 모두 다 지울 수 있을까

남겨진 사람에게는 서글픈 미소만 남아
눈물 닦을 힘조차 남아있질 않을 꺼야

널 보낸 후에 살아가는 날들이 잔인하다 해도 나는 정말 괜찮아
매일 한숨 짓는 나를 바라볼 때면 나도 모르게 널 찾아 헤맬지 몰라

떠나 간다는 것이 어쩌면 더욱 더 힘겨울 거야
또 나를 위로하지

너무나 아름다워서 너무나 소중했었던
우리 많은 날들을 모두 다 지울 수 있을까

남겨진 사람에게는 서글픈 미소만 남아
혼자 걸을 힘조차 남아있질 않을 꺼야

서러워 하지마 하루가 지나고 나면 달라져 있을 거라고
그럴 수 있을 거라 내게 말을 하고 싶어
일년이 지나고 나면 또 다른 사랑을 하며

행복 할 수 있다고 내게 다짐하고 싶어
너무나 아름다워서 너무나 소중했었던
우리 많은 날들을 모두 지울 수 있을까

Fly to the Sky- 가벼운 사랑 (feat 현무 & TKO of Trespass)

사랑이란 말조차도 이별조차도 기억이 않나
잠깐 망설인 건 단 몇 분나에게 널 잊을 시간이야

더 슬픈 척 너의 표정에 더욱 아픈 척 보내 줄께
이별이 반가웠던 너겠지

날 사랑한 넌 너무 가벼워서
널 보내서 난 너무 가벼워져
내 기억들마저 널 쉽게 잊어
다른 너를 찾을게
널 향한 가슴이 식어 버려서
서로 한걸음씩 물러선 더 쉬운 사랑에 쉬운 이별에
떠나간 니 뒤에서

언제부턴가 달라진 말투
언제부턴가 달라진 눈빛
비겁한 변명까지 내가 모두 이해 해주길 바랬었니

넌 내가 예민하다며
그 정도냐며 핀잔을 줬지만
오늘의 이별 웃음밖에 안나

날 사랑한 넌 너무 가벼워서
널 보내서 난 너무 가벼워져
내 기억들마저 널 쉽게 잊어
다른 너를 찾을게
널 향한 가슴이 식어 버려서
서로 한걸음씩 물러선 더 쉬운 사랑에 쉬운 이별에
떠나간 니 뒤에서

이젠 다 끝나버린 이야기 아닌가? why? 이제와 다시 돌아와?
너와 함께한 시간조차 가벼워져 다 하늘로 날아가
한순간도 나 지금순간 조차 난 후회해 내 맘 움직일 생각 이라면 제발 가
더 초라해지기 전에 어서 떠나가 지금 네가 흘린 눈물만큼 나도 후회했어
널 사랑한 만큼 사랑보다 더 깊은 상처로 내게 돌아온 건 가슴 아픈 깊은 배신감뿐
너도 느껴봐 아픈 마음 이미 슬픈 나를 이젠 놓아줘
사랑에 깊게 상처받은 나를 내버려둬

가끔씩 내게 전화를 하는 너
아무 일 없듯 다시 안 되냐며
가만히 있지 못하는 니 사랑이
너무 불쌍해 가여울 뿐이야

다른 너를 찾을게
널 향한 가슴이 식어 버려서
서로 한걸음씩 물러선 더 쉬운 사랑에 쉬운 이별에
떠나간 니 뒤에서


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