One fine day

Have you seen a kdrama that drives you nuts?



  • Gong Yoo as Seo Gun
  • Song Yu ri  as Seo Haneul/ Park Hye won
  • Nam Goong Min as Kim Dong Ho
  • Lee Yeon Hee as Goo Hyo Ju

 I did, and this is one of those. Each episode made me wanna stranggle each one of them, the writer for being so lame, the main actor for just being a boring person, the main actress for being so undecisive when its so apparent who she likes, the supporting actress for not being ill enough, and the supporting actor for just being slow in his pursue for the girl. I’m not going to paint in their names so you can fill in the blanks. The only ones I will spare is the OST writers and singers and perhaps the editors of the drama because although storywise was bleh but the blending of music and between scenes was pretty alright.

Before I go on, forgive me to those who liked this drama, but I just need to release my frustration so feel free to ignore if you feel uncomfortable.

Firstly is the character Seo Gun. Its amazingly boring. He is suppose to scam people to make a living, but what happened after that? His scams are really ridiculous especially his “little” deal with Haneul’s father. If I’m the father, I would be worried crazy to put a managing post in the hands of this man who doesn’t come into the office (each time he does, he wants to threaten me) and doesn’t have any knowledge on how to run a company. Can you imagine the first task that he put into his employee’s hands is “Find me a good hospital”. Yea, like you can’t look it up yourself and need some sort of professional in management to help you. Besides that, I was wondering how the owner would react to him staying in the house for so long and practically thrashing his place, and wearing his clothes (which suprisingly seem to fit him so well considering his size and height ain’t the common one). He doesn’t work, actually practically does nothing but worries about Haneul. When the plot came to the part that he discovered his parents involved in the accident which was due to Haneul’s father kidnapping his mother, he said he couldn’t forgive Haneul’s father. But what is there to forgive? He did not kill the mother, it was an accident. He did not like delibrately take the knife and waive it at her saying “You’re going to be my dinner tonight”. Besides, that woman has his child (ie. is his mistress) and Seo Gun’s father married her. So it would be natural for Haneul’s father to want her to come with him (now don’t get me wrong, I’m all against polygamy). It is just absurb to see Seo Gun and what he does. If that little complication is a whole lota big mess, then my life right now would be hell.

Ok, next person. Haneul. At least she bothered to work to make a living and not always stare into the midair (though, she does stare at the fish tank a lot). Honestly, up to this point, the writer must acknowledge, in order to fall into deep thoughts, you don’t have to stand and stare at some scenery, fish tanks etc. You can just think, while doing your work, walking, driving, practically any activity. People don’t allocate time deliberately just to “fall into deep thoughts”. It just happens. She knew so well that she has romantic feelings for Seo Gun who is her so called “half-brother”. I think her barrier with Seo Gun is more of “why-did-you-keep-irritating-me” more than the family issue. Although, I would very much like her to go with the other guy, Kim Dong Ho. She’s blaming her father for the rift, when the father cared and brought her up so well for 20 years and even though he took away Seo Gun’s father’s property, all the property is put in Haneul’s name. Her real brother is actually protecting her more than Seo Gun is.

So does it, the character which makes most sense of them all (the best among the worst). Kim Dong Ho. His decisions are pretty believable so far, when he let Haneul decide who she wants. When he punched Seo Gun, I was rejoicing on my feet. He is the one who is the “sense-knocker” into each character. “Haneul, you like your brother, so don’t come mess with my heart” ; “Seo Gun, you like Haneul, admit it. Don’t brother brother her, you punk”, “Hyo Joo, I pity you. Seems like Seo Gun left you bothering about his small petty rift with Haneul, and forgotten about you who is, I would say, dying”.

How many times throughout the show that the phrase “If Hyo Joo don’t get a surgery SOON she would die” came out in the show. Since episode 1, I keep hearing this, and seems that the urgency to arrange that surgery disappears. Moreover, she didn’t consistently take her medication and let her illness worsen. Suprisingly enough, the doctors must be real good. A dying patient who has very very slim chance to live made it through with a blink of the eye and completely healed. Duh.

The whole drama is dragging the same plot for about 16 episodes. If they would have create a more realistic rift and also real tacky love plot development and not some “its all about me” plot, they would be doing much better than this.

All in all, crazily frustrated.

But to salvage that, is a good OST song. I have always been a fan of OST songs. This is the first time I heard him sing, his voice is a bit kiddy kind, not those strong deep korean voice. But his songs are pretty cool.

사랑해…사랑할 수 없을만큼 by 정재욱

(to listen to song: go to my new website:


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  1. whatever it is.. GONG YU’s hot!!


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