Park Jin Hyuk – Real life


This album was realised in 2005, singer 박진혁 ‘s first album, titled “Real Life”. 

Genre: Ballads

Rating: 10/10

It’s really weird how i stumbled on this album. I was finding for the lyrics of  박정철’s “Present” drama OST song “내 꿈안에”  and apparently Park Jin Hyuk also sang this song in his album (which he didn’t do quite a good job at). Of course, 박정철 is the original singer because this song was the theme song for “present” and the drama was produced way earlier than the release of this album.

On the first hearing, I didn’t give much attention to the album. I admit, I was in the hurry, so I kind of scheme through everything. However, a few days ago I had the chance to sit down and really listen to the songs. Its a really good album, and for a singer like him, I was a bit suprise that he’s not as famous as some other korean singers. He truly has potential and the voice.

This album consist of about 70% slow ballad songs and the rest are medium-paced pop songs. His slow songs are very touchy with his strong, but passionate and well controlled voice which piloted the mood of the songs very well.

He started out with two slow romantic songs “그래요” and “눈물은 별빛이 되어”.

Then he proceeds with a relatively more lively songs “real life” and “loving you” which are faster paced. Another similar fast-paced songs is “No perfect man”.

He slow down with a very kdrama OST-liked song “흐르는 눈물 막을 수 없어”. This song has that tacky kdrama feel in it. His voice really stood out, giving each note the right attention. A very very good song. Same goes with the later song “대리 사랑”.

“Pray for you” is a duet song but it seems that Park Jin Hyuk kind of dominated the song more compared to his duet partner.

After that, is his version of kdrama “present” ‘s OST song 내 꿈안에”. What can I say, I love this song but then his version took away the beauty of the piano instead using a keyboard kind, and less feelings into the song, like he was just singing as it is.

The last two song deviates from his kdrama feel slow songs. More of R&B style, “그대가 스쳐갈 때면” and “사랑하기에”.

Before I go to the track which caught my attention most, I would conclude that this album is really really good, and you can listen to the entire album without “fastforwarding” any tracks. He’s definitely a great singer, as good as people like Fly to the Sky, and his flavour of songs really suits all the slow romantic ballads lovers and those with a great passion for kdrama OST.

Here is the track which caught my attention most, not the very slow kind, but it had a lively smooth melody with it. It’s a song that will keep singing and singing in your head. Park Jin Hyuk’s ability to go soft and steady really colours this song very well.

다시 by 박진혁

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