This is an old MBC drama which aired in my country long time ago when kdrama was still new.

Honestly, I don’t quite remember the real details of this drama, but what left me the most impact was the ending and how the drama took a very satisfying turn in terms of the relationship between the main casts.


  • 송윤아 as 혜진 Hye Jin (a architecture student)
  • 박정철 as 창준 Chang Jun
  • 손지항 as 경식 Kyung Sik (혜진’s professor)



The drama’s theme circled around family, friendship and love.

 Hye Jin’s father is a single-dad who adopted (i think) about 7 children including Hye Jin herself. The relationship between the family members were really close and you can see this in how Hye Jin took care of her younger siblings, and also her brother (who is a high school student) took turn to care of the siblings. Even the small ones care for each other like in one incident one of them drop the new shoes which wasn’t his (its his brother’s and he wore it without permission) and things turned out very differently because of the love and forgiveness among them. The aspect of a man raising up kids that are not his is very admirable.

Chang Jun is also an orphan, and lives closeby to Hye Jin. He’s a animation designer, and he’s been a constant support to Hye Jin and her family, in fact is like part of Hye Jin’s family. The relationship between Hye Jin and her professor was a bit complicated, and of course there’s another woman who used to like the professor. However, what really left a deep impact on me is how Chang Jun’s relationship of friendship and love develop with Hye Jin.

 I would say, Hye Jin, is definitely in love with her professor because there were so many things that happened between them that let her into an emotional wave.

The sincerity of Chang Jun as a friend and a person who loved her in secret really touched me. Not anything, but when one of the young sibling needed a liver transplant, Hye Jin was very sad and desperate to find a donor. The professor could in fact help but his help was limited to finance. Chang Jun gave the best he could give, which is to donate his liver, but he did it without the knowledge of any of the family members.

 Above all, when the professor challenged Chang Jun to fight for Hye Jin, he didn’t take the challenge, instead let Hye Jin choose. The professor asked him to invite Hye Jin out at the same time as he invite Hye Jin out and whoever Hye Jin goes to, that’s who she wants. Chang Jun didn’t. Hye Jin went to the professor who thought she chose him. When she knew, she ran back to Chang Jun. The reason Chang Jun gave her was awesome. She asked “why did you do that? you still don’t trust my love for you?”. He replied “It’s because i trust you that i did that.”

Initially the opening song “present” was my favourite, but when I got the OST, I discovered Park Jung Chul’s song to be the best.

 내 굼안에 by (박정철)


언제나 가까이 웃고 있는 편안한 향기를 몰랐던

한걸음 물러서 보고 나서야 너의 의미를 깨달았어 

눈빛을 볼수록 아프지만 참아내야 그말은

 내곁에 두고픈 가장 소중한 사람 너뿐인걸 이젠 알겠어

내맘을 보이긴 이미 늦었겠지만 너무 멀리 가진 말아줘 

다른 누군가를 바라보는 상상조차 해본적 없었던

사소한 일들과 마디에 작아지는 보게 됐어 

시간이 흐를수록 힘들지만 참아내야 말은 

내곁에 두고픈 가장 소중한 사람 너뿐인걸 이젠 알겠어

내맘을 보이긴 이미 늦었겠지만 너무 멀리 가진 말아줘

 하지만 행복할 위해 떠나야 할텐데…  

견딜수 없는 말은 

사랑해 기억해 내겐 하나뿐야 세상 끝까지 함께할게

용서해 흔들린 돕지 못했던 이젠 꿈안에 있어줘

다신 울지 않도록 지킬께

 Recorded by 조창희 Mixed by 최진우

Guitar : 유태준Base Guitar 신현권Piano 나원주

Drum 강수호Chorus 최원석 신재홍 신형

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