L1-G: X is Y

This lesson will integrate your skill from using the subject marker 은/는 and also the ending is Y이에요/예요 to make the sentence “X is Y

We have learned both subject marker 은/는  and how to use the ending ~이에요/예요.

The subject marker helps to specify what we are referring to, thus making the sentence X (the topic) is Y.

How it works:

A very simple and straightforward is “I am Mark”.

‘I’ (저) is the topic of the sentence and I want to say that ‘I am Mark’ (is Mark).

We add the subject marker to the topic of sentence: 저는

we also add the ending of the “is Y” form to “Mark”: 마크이에요.

So bring the front and the ending together: 저는 마크이에요.  (I am Mark)

Usually you will hear people use the honorific form more for this, ie ~입니다.

ie: 저는 마크입나다.

easy right?

Your task:

1) Translate the following into korean.

  • Sandy is chinese.
  • 우진 is korean.
  • 우진  is a student.
  • Tom is third year student.
  • Kate is first year student.

2) Try describing yourself:

  • your name
  • your nationality
  • your occupation (if you are a uni student, what year)



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