Using Articles to learn

Explaining how the articles are written and how to use it to help you learn.


  • Each article explain a certain part of korean language.
  • For the Lessons, the article will be marked L(no) [eg.L1, L] indicating that article is for the respective lesson number.
  • For Vocabulary articles, it covers two sections which are phrases and vocab words. These are just common phrases that you can use.
  • Cultural tip articles will focus on some cultural stuff of korea. A great reference for this article is arirang tv’s “Let’s Speak Korean”.
  • G articles indicates grammar section.
  • E articles indicates exercises.
  • A articles indicates assignment.
  • Each lesson will have a “lesson index” attached to it to show the order that you should read the articles.

Note again that please do not leave unrelated comments to the articles (eg. “thank you”, “that’s great” etc….)

Comments really appreciated in relation to each article are:

  • more examples/explaination
  • questions
  • or just submit your writing for the exercises or assignments

Feedbacks of any other things (including those “thank you” and “that’s great” or even “that sucks” ) please direct to my e-mail at

happy learning 🙂


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