Typing in Korean on your comp

How to type korean characters on your computer. (for Windows only)

If you are wondering how to type korean characters on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Go to My computers
  2. choose [Control panel] on your left bar
  3. click on [regional and language..]
  4. Go to [language] tab
  5. Tick both box under [supplementary language support]. You might need the windows Cd for this.
  6. Click [ok]
  7. after installation, go to your language toolbar located either on the top right or right beside the bottom right toolbar in which it says [EN]. If its under your bottom right, then choose [show language toolbar]
  8. When your language toolbar appears, click on the arrow pointing down, choose [settings]
  9. Click [add]
  10. Input language find Korean
  11. tick the keyboard thing
  12. click [ok] then [ok]
  13. Whenever you want to use the language function for korean just choose Korean [KO]

One tip in typing korean is that, in the midst of typing if you want to shift between alphabets and korean characters, you can easily do that by hitting the [alt] key on your right side (not left) ….

The korean character on the keyboard is vowels on the right and consonants mostly on the left. You’ll have to get use to it.
Or you can purchase the sticker from www.4keyboard.com (price about $1 each) which you can stick on your keyboard to help in typing korean on your computer. Its really helpful in getting you know the keys better. Usually shipping takes about 10-20 business days for normal international mail for those outside US. I’ve tried buying from them, and they are quite reliable.




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