E: Reading Hangeul

In this lesson, we will try to develop your reading skills in terms of accuracy and speed. Also, your ability to write these hangeul yourself. For now, we’ll just ignore the meaning of these words and just concentrate on learning to read and write.

Write these Hangeul out by yourself and pronounce them WITHOUT writing out the romanisation. Try to form the sound in your brain, this will really help you in the future to reduce reliance on romanisation. Highlight with your browser to see the answers. Sound of the word is in bracket.

Some tips: read the vowel contain in the word first then proceed to the consonant. like 만 (man) , say “a” first which is the vowel of the word and when you get the vowel sound right, include the consonant sound to it thus “man”

아      [a] – of ahhh

야      [ya] -of  yard

와      [wa]- of ward

가      [ka]- [car]

깐       [kkan]- strong emphasis and short sharp tone on k

감       [kam]- like come

감사   [kam-sa]- “sa” is like SARS

강       [kang] –

맞(remember: ending with consonant, what shall it change to?)

[mat]- sounds like mart of “wal-mart

알     [al]

알아   [a-ra]

날      [nal]

날마다   [nal-ma-da]

과        [gwa]

봐      [pwa]

애      [ae] as in ape

얘      [yae]

해      [hae]

에      [e] as in apple

예      [ye]

계      [gye]- hint: pronounce “ye” first and add a “g” to it 

케     [ke] – harder  “k” than ㄱ

어      [eo] as in orange

여      [yeo]

워      [weo]

줘      [jweo]- sounds like a fast ju-eo

것      [keot]

렇, 이렇게 [roh], [i-roh-ke]

면      [myeon]

오      [o]

요      [yo]

교      [kyo]

도      [do]

볼     [bol] – sounds a bit like bowl except the “l” very strong

우     [u]

유     [yu]

준     [jun]

균     [kyun]

회     [hoe]- sounds like a fast ho-e

위     [wi]

뒤     [dwi]

으     [eu]- sounds like

트    [teu]- sounds like “turkey” without the “r”

씀    [ssem]- like english’s “…mism”…

의    [yi]- though sometimes pronounced e

희   [hyi] – like hee..

이   [i]

시   [si]- sounds like “she”

딩   [ding]- however “d” is pronounced like “t”



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