Before anything else, in learning korean, you have to learn how to read and write hangeul.  In this lesson, we will do precisely that. You’ll need to practice and really memorise it, there’s no other way. 

Some stuff to note first for easy learning:

  1. For some of the vowels there are similarity and “two strokes” just adds a “y” to the vowel.
  2. The character which combines more than two “vowel” characters are mostly adding a “w” to them or changing to the respective sound close to the original character.
  3. The sound of the word goes by the letter underlined in the bracket next to it.
  4. Some of the consonants which has double character to it show emphasis on the word. like “ss” is a strong “s”


  •  ㅏ      a                              [as in “a” in ah….]
  •  ㅑ      ya                            [ yard ]
  • ㅣ       i                               [eagle]
  • ㅓ       eo                            [orange]
  • ㅕ       yeo                          [your]
  • ㅐ       ae                            [ape]
  • ㅒ       yae                          [yay]
  • ㅔ       e                             [apple]
  • ㅖ       ye                           [yesterday]
  • ㅡ      eu                            [turf]
  • ㅗ      o                              [oval]
  • ㅛ      yo                           [yo-yo]
  • ㅜ      u                              [woosh]
  • ㅠ     yu                             [you]
  • ㅘ     wa                            [want]
  • ㅙ     wae                          [way]
  • ㅚ     oe                            
  • ㅢ     yi                              [yippie]
  • ㅝ     weo                          [war]
  • ㅞ     we                            [went]
  • ㅟ     wi                             [wii]
  • ㅅ     s                              [say]
  • ㅆ     ss                            [sent]
  • ㄱ     g / k                      
  • ㄲ     gg / kk
  • ㄷ     d
  • ㄸ     dd
  • ㅈ     j / ch
  • ㅉ     jj
  • ㅂ    b / p
  • ㅃ    pp
  • ㅍ    p                               [peacock]
  • ㅎ    h
  • ㄹ    r (ending is pronounced as “l”)
  • ㅇ   ng (or filler)
  • ㄴ   n
  • ㅋ   k
  • ㅌ   t
  • ㅊ   ch
  • ㅁ   m



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